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3 Best Beaches of Destin, Florida

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Within Destin’s city limits, there are 13 public beach access points; one is state-owned, one is county-owned and twelve are city-owned.  All of these spectacular beaches feature the crystal white, fine sand and warm, blue-green waters that make Destin a #1 destination on the Emerald Coast.

Factors to consider when choosing a beach: parking, fees, & facilities.                                                           Note: All city-owned accesses have limited parking.

Top 3 Picks

#1 Henderson Beach State Park ~ parking, facilities, minimal fee $, plenty of wide open beach!

#2 Shores at Crystal Beach Access ~ parking & facilities, no fee

#3 Norriego Beach Access ~ parking, new facilities to be built, no fee, best of both the beach and the Destin Harbor.

(Below is a list of all 13 Destin beach access points and a link to the city for additional information.)

13 Beach Access Points

Compliments of the city of Destin website. To learn more please visit:

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